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Hi all

We have moved away from centos to gnome - using files app to browse the server - when I reboot the files app does not restore my session like dolphins did - also the hotkeys don’t seem to work (ctrl t for new tab) and a few other things. Is there a way to get round this or should I just get a better browser?

@Alan you must know the secret.

ctrl + t should definitely open a new tab in the file manager (called nautilus btw…in case you need to google!). it always worked for me.

I am not aware of a way to restore a session, but I don’t think I’ve ever needed to before. what’s your use case for it? maybe there is an alternative way to solve i.e. using the bookmarks sidebar?

Ah yes. Moving to a new desktop environment. Fun isn’t it @johnt !

It’s not like I would have ever called myself a KDE expert but GNOME is like going all the way back to knowing zero again!

Hi John

You can actually install Dolphin File Manager in Gnome if you really, really love it. I definitely prefer it to Files in some ways but definitely not others. There are other Gnome file browser options you may even prefer. Look at Poli File Manager. Not as easy to install on Rocky as Ubuntu but still possible. There is also Nemo and Caja but these two don’t restore previous sessions which is what you’re after (Polo does I believe).

You should be able to Google how to install Dolphin File Manager in Gnome and someone will have simple steps to follow. If you can’t find anything and want to go down this path then post on here again. It will need to install some dependencies that shouldn’t break anything but the operative word here is shouldn’t as I haven’t tried it or tested it myself in a Flame system. I have done it on Ubuntu before and it worked fine with nothing breaking.

Good Luck!

I’ll check out poli file.

What I miss is

  • the saving of my sessions ie what tabs I have open.
    -Making aliases and copying stuff between tabs.

Should be Polo, typo at my end sorry.

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