Silhouette Paint - Blemish tool grain?

Anybody know how to change/reduce/eliminate the grain from the Silhouette Paint Blemish tool?

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“Amount” parameter in the Blemish brush menu.

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Thank you @David!

You’re welcome, Randy. It was my first post on this forum, so I’m glad if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:
If you are playing with Silhouette Paint, let us know what you think about it. Personally, I was a bit disappointed :confused:

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Thank goodness you’re here David! Thanks!

I was actually thinking this morning that silhouette paint is actually the paint module we wish we had!
I just used it yesterday on 160 frame shot Where I had to remove a large diamond earring with head turns and talking.
I would say it far and away exceeded anything I could’ve done with desktops auto paint.


And before the end of the day you can buy it and all of Boris products for under $1,000 for the year.

And didn’t you find it super slow to render? When you start to use the “detail” and “color” options of the Clone tool, which are very cool on paper, on a 3K + material, the render takes forever… I’ve been doing a beauty job on a girl’s face the other day, tracking different areas of the face and then painting thoroughly using different tools, and every time I hit the little “render” arrow for every patch it was like 10 minutes of render for a 50 frames shot… with the inconvenience that you don’t actually see the result during the render, only a fraction of second between frames. I’ve never had a Sequence Paint so slow in Batch. I’m on a Z840. I think it’s a very promising tool, but it need serious improvements. And it looks designed for mouse users in mind, not Wacom users. Pressure is not very well handled, I find it a little bit difficult to be “subtle” with it. I will keep trying…