AJA T-Tap Pro approved driver version

Hello all,

Installed the T-Tap Pro yesterday on one of my systems (2019 MacPro / Big Sur 11.6.4) for v2022.3 and up.

Found two different driver version numbers recommended on the following pages:

And this one clicked thru the v2022 sys requirements page:

Would love to know which one of the two recommended driver versions is current, thx.

At the moment I have installed 16.2.2 and It works fine at the OS/finder level and I can see the Aja test patterns output (via their Control Panel app) out to the broadcast monitor via SDI no prob.

But the Flame setup utility does not show the T-Tap Pro under the list of video devices, it shows other certified AJA I/O models, just not the T-Tap Pro.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, many thx.

Hi Aamir,
just had a look at the info on my laptop (apple M1 Max chip) system prefs. When i installed the T-Tap a few months ago, it was done using 16.0.2. I had tried 16.2 but it was not working and was recommended to uninstall it and reinstall the earlier version.

It took a bit of mucking about having to uninstall the first attempt before re-installing. I definitely got Flame to work with the TTap but i seem to remember being given a unix command by aja support which was something to do with a bug in Big Sur that caused extensions to not load.

if its any help , the command i was given is sudo /Library/Extensions

i cannot guarantee this is still relevant, and would suggest you try contact aja support and also the flame support to see if they are aware of any conflicts.

I have not used the TTap much as its in my home set-up but haven’t needed to use it for a long while.

good luck