T-Tap Pro

Has anyone else managed to get one of these devices to work with Flame 2022.2 ?

I have installed the AJA software, and i’m seeing all the test cards etc on my broadcast monitor, so its definitely working.
But after setting Flame Setup to show AJA for video and audio driver, then AJA for the preview setting on the next page, when i fire up Flame my preferences are showing the Broadcast Monitor is Off. The only option showing is DVI/HDMI Output - if i select that Flame crashes.

Not sure what else i can do to get Flame to see the T-Tap Pro?
Any ideas?

Hi, have you tried with an older AJA version of software?
The Autodesk page says to use the 16.0.2.

### AJA Software Installer v16.0.2 - Mac

thanks Francesco - i’ll try that!

nope - that version of the software does not recognise the TTap - probably the firmware is for a newer version of the driver.

Does Aja control panel let you select a previous firmware? If i remember correctly there was a way to do a firmware roll back from the app.

no - i tried but the older software was completely unable to recognise the T Tap!

I’ve given up ion the mac pro and will be trying it on the laptop tomorrow - see if that fares any better.

i think its faulty. Not recognised by my other mac - “unsupported aja device”! Its only been switched on for 10 minutes and its red hot to the touch, and its not doing anything.

So far…not impressed.

Update…AJA support made a suggestion which has recovered the TTap so its working again, unfortunately I cannot get Flame to recognise there is any AJA device connected. Will have to contact AD support on Monday.

edit 2 - after uninstalling and reinstalling the earlier version of the driver, then running a terminal command sent by AJA, its all running and even Flame is seeing it.

I haven’t done much to test it, but it works. I can watch my broadcast output on my broadcast monitor via the laptop. The TTap Pro does have a lot more configuration options than the Blackmagic device, and it has a range of test patterns too. Not sure if most users will need all the options but its nice to know they are there.

Only caveat i would say is that this thing gets hot…damn it gets HOT! I asked AJA and they replied its to be expected - its a hot running device. After 10 minutes of being connected to Flame it was almost too hot to touch.

So if you want to keep your coffee warm whilst working, you could use the box as a coaster…its about the right size. (Joking!! )

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