Alembics and RAM


I am working with Alembics coming from a c4d project.

I have been using them successfully until I encountered a very large file (4.3 gbs) and I am getting a
Not enough RAM" waring.

My 2021 27" Imac pro has 64gb of RAM. I of course always want to upgrade my RAM but I am not sure how to determine if the 128Gb upper limit will be enough to open such a large file.

I am opening the Alembic as Read File. Scale is Autofit in Scene. Objects are all on. Consolidate Geometry and Create Object Group are on.

Any tricks to get this huge file in my Action?



I had this issue on a recent project. In the end i had to open the model in C4d and find the geo that was causing the problem due to massive polycount and simplify it.

Not sure if you can but can you get the model looked at again. On a closing note i think that warning can be ignored as the model should still import and work ok.


Definitely going to go into the c4d model and edit out what i don’t need. Just using the model for some projections.

Thanks for the reply!