Amazon Delivery Help

Hi, anybody delivered for Amazon before?

Im delivering a rec2020 file and they have failed it because. the Mastering Display Color Primaries isnt Display P3.

Any tips on how i can get that to work?

Just throw the package over the gate if customer isn’t home.


Alternately, mark it as delivered even though you didn’t deliver it!


Sorry you’re getting off-topic replies Ben… but I also thought times must be tough if you’re taking up Package Delivery for Amazon!


@finnjaeger ^^ any ideas?

haha its all good. When i saw the title on the .ain page i did think jokes incoming!

I have not delivered to amazon, but it sounds like they are talking about metadata.

Generally because they arent any rec2020 monitors out thete you generally work in P3 so that means the “Mastering monitor” metadata has to be set to P3 and the file delivered should be rec2020/P3Limited, I cant gind the amazon specs right now, but arent they doing … hdr10+ ? Vna you even do that with flame oO

They asked for a ProRes 442hq

The spec says P3 in a rec2020 container but they are failing because of that monitor metadata.

Im just wondering if there is something i can do on the way out to tag that metadata correctly?

this is the spec

I’d need to double check but I think it’s just tagging as st2084, dci p3, d65 white and making sure you’ve got rec2020 set but make sure you do all this on the export window as it won’t carry over from the timeline.

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If you do this then in mediainfo it’ll read as

I’ve cropped out the line below which read rec2020.

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Thanks for that, ill try it tomorrow and see!

Seems like the way they put this leaves room for misunderstandings.

P3 was originally a theatrical spec referred to as DCI-P3 which has a white point of 6300K and is slightly green. Also used a gamma of 2.6.

P3-D65 (or I guess also called Display-P3) was defined by Apple for wide gamut displays. It had a white point of 6500K.

Probably just a matter of making sure the right one is selected.

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for HDR there is additional metadata about what display was used to master the content. So in this case they really only mean the P3 Gamut and not the DCI-P3 EOTF or P3-Display.

Basically the file is PQ EOTF with Rec2020 primaries, so 255/0/0 is full Rec2020 red, but then it should be limited to the gamut of the mastering display which should be set to P3, so there shouldnt be any colors outside of P3 gamut.
So you also need to take in account things like how do you monitor this etc, generally this is a problem for grading, you can just work in 2020 and makr sure you are not creating new pixels that are out of P3 gamut.

Note: I think dolby and netflix are revising this now because of QD-OLED displays that are beyond P3.

SMPTE ST.2086 is “Master Display Color Volumes” metadata which is used to describe the capabilities of the display used to master content. SMPTE ST.2086 metadata includes CIE (x,y) chromaticity coordinates for RGB primaries, White Point, and min/max luminance of the mastering display.

I have no idea if you can write this metadata with flame , I would assume you have to open the prores in amcdx Video patcher and then just fill in whatever they want. In resolve you can do this directly for example.

there are some ways to inject this metadata, but i usually write hdr files from resolve because of the better handeling of it… but maybe flame can too with hdr tracks and whatever? I think @AdamArcher is the one with the most flame/HDR experience here.

Here is some more info, in mediaEncoder for example you can just enter the metadata, or in apple compressor… But i would start with AMCDX video patcher should work fine.

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I dont think this is correct, file should be 2020 and also tagged as such, what they want is the HDR metadata about mastering display , maxCLL maxFall , generally one just uses the values from the sony X300…

I agree with you, I cropped the image off because when I did a quick example in that photo I accidentally left it on auto in the export window and it filled it in as rec709 when it should be rec2020. Didn’t want to confuse the matter by leaving that on, also it was late and I didn’t want to get the laptop out and rgs back in!
As for the maxCLL maxFall, they’re asking for a report which will be generated by software such as colorfront or cortex.

There are 2 kinds of metadata needed for HDR all included in SMPTE ST.2086 You dont need colorfront or cortex to generate this metadata at all, flame can do it for dolby vision but idk about emebedding it into a Prores.

One is the mastering Monitor Metadata, another is the “analyzed” MaxCLL and MaxFall. Although most just put this at 0->1000NIT and call it a day I think.
This is the metadata that you need/want:

I’m just reading the bottom line of the spec, Colorfront Transkoder can be used to generate the report. In my experience this is better because when changing from full range to YUV the nit levels can change slightly, I’ve had this and it’s extremely frustrating especially those near the top end, again for me it’s better to have an accurate report of the finished file as this is what they’ll be doing.
That last link you sent is brilliant as it actually shows that I was wrong regarding what it needs to be tagged as at export as the example used is an Amazon Prime show. From this it looks like you just need to tag as rec2100pq and not st2084, dci p3, d65 white.

The tag should be rec2020 not PQ though, its 2 different things. one is the color tag NCLC and the other is the MDCV.

Ah yes i didnt read the last line of the specs, so yea you need to run that with transkoder seems like you dont have another option… crazy amazon things!

I was only looking for the prores metadata which should be like this:

And I just tried it but I cant get flame to write the MDCV or CLLI metadata by itself.


Obviously fill in CLLI metadata based on your content

I think you’re right regarding it should just be rec2020 from rereading the spec. I meant that earlier on but was rushing to get my boy out the door while typing :man_facepalming: