Black borders are added to the portrait shots after 'Splice selected'

Hello forum

I selected all stills in a Reel(still duration of each single shot/Tiff: 00:00:02+08), right-clicked and choosed Splice Selected. Then clicked on another Reel to make a single clip of all the frames.

Most of the stots in the Reel are landscape shots and some few portrait shots (without any black borders).

Why after ‘Splice selected’, large black borders are added to the portrait shots at their left and right?

Thank’s a lot for any help!


When you splice frames of different sizes and aspect ratios they will all be resized to be consistent with the first frame. The resize depends on how you have the default set. Yours is likely set to letterbox.

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Thank’s for the help! I checked it and yes. it depends upon the first frame!

Nevertheless I am wondering if it’s possibe to remove those black boarders… Non of the Resize-options like ‘Fill’, ‘Crop Edges’ ‘Letterbox’ and ‘Centre/Crop’ does the job in a good way, because the aspect ratio of the shot should not be changed.

Any additional feedback is appreciated.


In a nutshell . . . . no. All frames in a clip need to be the same size and aspect. I know of no software in which that is not the case. You can change the colour to something else, or you can put them over some sort of background, such as what one often sees on the internet in which the image is superimposed over a copy of itself blown up large and heavily blurred.

Thank’s a lot ytf for the interesting inspiration how to solve the challenge!