Resolve skipped frames on export

Big warning here, i have the second project now where resolve seemilgly randomly decides to SKIP FRAMES on export, first one was graded externaly so we bounced it back but I just noticed it on a shot i was working on that we graded in-house both times resolve was used.

This is a insane bug if it really is one…

Obviously this stuff is noticed WAY too late:

I now checked ALL files from 45minutes of total footage exported from grading and its 4 clips that are effected? … wtf. they dont have any timewarps e.t.c on the timelines and they all got exported in the same way from the same timeline at the same time on the same computer /./

I’m not clear on what the screen shot is showing?

nukes tracker showing skipped frames , 4 frames fine and then a jump… its like a wrong framerate conversion out of nowhere.

Have you confirmed that the original footage is not that way? And the dailies? I would think the first indication something was wrong would be that the shots were too short.

yea i checked it against the rushes, and we did 2 different exports from grading (version1 and version2) same source file only a slight color adjustment inbetween, the issue ONLY exists in version2 that has been played out, if I play it out again I cant get it to break and its all fine again. I am highly confused

riddle me this

the resulting frame sequence is

1/2/3/4/4/6/7/8/9/9/11/12/13/14/14/16 …

whats the timewarp/rate conversion that happened here?

in and out frames and overall length is identical its just the “in-between” stuff thays seemingly double rate converted oO.

source was 25fps, timeline is 30fps resolve is supposed to not care about this and just export mixed framerate times as source timebase) as it still does when I re-export the clip… and it did not export 30, it exported the clip as 25p but just with doubled frames , wtf.

So hang on.

Thanks for bringing this up.

It appears to be the same length but every fifth frame is replaced with a freeze frame :thinking:

Little comfort but I can’t say we have noticed this yet. It’s the sort of thing that would get picked up as soon as someone started working on a shot.

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yea thats how I noticed this as well, “stabilize the shot” and so I did and I looked at the track thinking “hold-on”…

Yes every 5th frame is a freezeframe

so 5 frames per second are “missing” so it would be like a 20fps source upconverted to 25fps?! (what the?).

is it something in the resolve export settings? Maybe something in the timeline prefs of resolve. Put the clips for export on a new timeline created in resolve. Maybe something bad in the conformed timeline that’s bugging resolve

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Had something similar. It was 60i sports footage exported at 2398p. It looked ok in realtime, but when you started working on it there were all sorts of cadence issues