FLAME-ON-MAC // Run multiple versions?

Hi all :slight_smile:

Is it possible to run 2021 alongside 2023 and 2024? I ask because as a perpetual license holder of 2021 I would very much like to keep it on my system but after installing it when I launch 2021 it’s icon bounces in the dock, a white square flashes and then it immediately crashes.

I had hoped to keep running it for a while alongside the new versions. Is that possible?

Yes, you can install as many versions as you want of Flame (at least of recent variety). I think I have 4 odd versions right now. They happily co-exist. You may have to create your own taskbar short cut. I tend to just use Finder / Application / Autodesk and click on the version I want to work in.

In Setup and other tools you have to pick which version you are changing.

Hmmmm - I wonder why my 2021 is crashing then? Thanks @allklier

Maybe open a ticket with support? I haven’t tried this vintage. Only 2023 onwards. Something could have changed along the way.

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Haha! That’s me, I’m vintage myself! :wink::joy:

Out of interest, are you on an Intel Mac or M chip?

Mac Studio Ultra M2 - maxed out on everything.

Support for the Apple M# started with Flame 2022.3


Was about to say… I have a m1 MacBook Pro and an iMac Pro, and wanted the versions to be mirrored on both machines, but 2021 apparently wasn’t supported on the M1 so went from 2022 onwards on both…

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Thanks everyone. So much faster getting help here than via Autodesk - boy they suck right now. (Sorry for the rant! lol)

Appreciate the sentiment, not sure it’s fair though.

This forum has people on it 7x24 and we can be pretty fast with ‘have you tried this? I’ve seen this before’ type of help. But if you needed something more in-depth, logging in and digging around the internal of Flame configs, recovering some files, etc. the pickings here get a lot slimmer quickly, not that it hasn’t happened.

Actually, it was Autodesk that answered your question.


Well I put in several tickets to Autodesk since I purchased the Mac Studio and moved over from linux. Each time I get put through to the wrong dept (Education for some reason which I am not and have exhausted myself trying to explain this to them). All via email as I cannot get through on chat or calls. The person I am emailing with is not remotely helpful and none of my emails have been read in full all of which are clearly laid out and bullet pointed with my questions/requests. First email was asked on January 12. So far none of my question have been answered by Autodesk. My last email on Jan 26 has yet to be answered. All the help I needed was given through this forum.

So for now I will give credit where credit is due and that credit is due to everyone here on this forum who has helped me in several questions I have had and to which I am super grateful for. If it was someone at Autodesk who helped me here I am sorry if that was not clear and to them I am also extremely grateful. But I have yet to receive any help via the support system provided by Autodesk and, without wishing to ruffle feathers, that is my only comment. Personally I miss the days of Sebastien and Marta giving us personal and immediate support even if it did cost me $10k a year and I know I should probably not be making that comparison.


We all miss the days when Discreet support was, well . . . supportive. Lack of decent support is pretty much why this forum, and the Discord channel exist.


Doesn’t sound like you are connecting with the right support people. EDU support and Installs and licenses are not where you want to be, product support will be the one you want. Next time, open a case and send me the case number and I will take ownership and address it directly.


And to answer the original question, Big Sur would allow you to run Flame 2021.0.2, Flame 2021.1.1, Flame 2021.2+, 2023 and 2024. Adding the caveat from above from PhilippeJ: Support for the Apple M# started with Flame 2022.3

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Awesome - thank you so much @motoronlysync !!
To explain in more detail I did explain to the person helping me 3 times that I am not an EDU user and could they please transfer me to teh correct team as going through the portal did not seem to help. This is where my “case went cold” as Poirot would say.

Thank you again!!! I’ll hit you up for sure if this continues to be an issue.

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Shoot me the case number and I’ll happily take it over. Your initial logging and triage look to have you on the wrong team.


. . . and I might add that there are individuals from Autodesk on these forums who are very supportive.


I have a perpetual v2021 too, I run it on the last intel iMacs 2020 with v2024 on Big Sur, no problems great performance , I think it benchmarks at 10 mins or so in v2024, and also for fun on my M2 MB Air on Sonama, not really tested properly but seems ok… and then I have a Z8 with Rocky v2024 my main box.

The iMac works great and I’m actually thinking on upgrading them to Sonama, and see what happens,… especially as Big Sur will probably fall off the supported Mac OS list sooner than later…