Anyone happen to have these DMG files? Flare and Flame Assist 2019.2.2


Long shot here, my autodesk login seems to be missing my 2019 perpetual flame premium license and after a week of waiting for support to solve this, I am trying to reach out here.

I need to get my hands on the 2019.2.2 FLARE and FLAME ASSIST MAC DMG install files.

Does anyone happen to have those handy?

Thanks so much.



Ive got the Flame one. Check yo dms.

Also, don’t forget your account only holds the previous 3 years worth of installers. It’s not a support issue per se, hence you waiting a week for them to ‘solve’ it. Likely on their end there is nothing they can solve.

Happy Cake Day! @FLYfx

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Thanks Randy, have the flame installs, hoping I can find the others asap - these would be new installs of flame assist and flare so I would need any base installs to get me to 2019.2.2. Oh the pain, THE PAIN!!! Oy.

My Perpetual license is also no longer listed on my account. Thought I had my versions and others standing by there as a holding bin. Had I known I would have grabbed every single version of all apps.

So now I am also wondering if I even have a Perpetual license anymore.

Was really hoping to spin up these licenses last week. THE PAAAAAIN.

Ok, done whining. Back to work.

Huh? Base installs? There’s no such thing as a ‘base’ install. Right?

I have those installers for 2019.2.1 versions. Do you want those?

Why do you need old versions of Flame?

Got 'em. Beau from Autodesk got me going. One DMG per app, so I am all set.

I have a perpetual flame premium 2019.2.2, building out my farm! Running a yearly on my main machine, latest version.

Thanks again!

: )