Need a copy of Flame Premium 2016 for mac and linux

I know it’s old. I was still learning and getting some basics down and unfortunately somebody I know stole my Z820 linux system. So there is also the issue of that perpetual license file was compromised. It’s floating around somewhere and for the good of the community I would like to somehow terminate that license file, in exchange for a brand new one from autodesk.

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I’d definitely contact support for this one. Most of us can only go back 3 years in our accounts.

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Does anybody have a copy of flame premium 2016? Support says they can no longer provide a download link.

What version you need? Which flavor? Flame, Flame Assist, Flare, or Lustre?
2016, 2016.1, 2016.2 and which SP? I may have some.

Any of these work for you?

Here are the linux links for the following:

autodesk_flamepremium_2016_LINUX64_RHEL6.tar -

autodesk_flamepremium_2016.1_SP2_LINUX64_RHEL6.tar -

autodesk_flamepremium_2016.2_SP1_LINUX64_RHEL6.tar -

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Thanks for the help I got a Google drive link and downloaded what I needed.

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