Anyone using "image" in the Timeline or the effects tab?

what are you using it for? i’ve stayed away mostly because it seems sluggish to get in and out of combined with the unfamiliar selectives workflow… curious what i’m missing.

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I’ve used it on one project only, I was grading a commercial with the tangent panel and I found this to be absolutely brilliant.

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I don’t find it sluggish when doing grading/matchbox stuff on top of rendered BFX’s. I loved it when they introduced Image on top of the pre-rendered BFX instead of it being like an extra node. Improvements are being made all the time in moving from segment to segment, but that could be a little smoother.


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I use it everyday for grading (mainly red footage) and absolutely love the workflow…plus, there’s a lot more you can do via matchbox’s vs just grading.

The effects tab could be slow in the past, but I feel it’s gotten pretty snappy in the latest releases. And even if it is slow now and then, it’s still quicker than jumping in and out of bfxs.

The new screen grab tools (so nice), ML selectives, the explorer…it’s all amazing for my workflow.

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working in a environment with many flames i have found BFX to be unreliable, esp when sharing between machines. I was thinking the effects tab could be a suitable replacement for Timeline tasks (quick cleanup, small color fixes, repos, etc). With a separate color dept i will rarely use the grading features.


I think the guiding principle behind the Effects tab was to make an environment for people who are doing all the finishing tasks on a single box. I like it as a grading environment but I can’t picture a way to use it a place like MPC where you’re either working on pre-graded footage or sending it to someone else to grade in a dedicated grading app. I think a lot would be accomplished by just changing the name of the tab to Finishing or Grading. “Effects” makes it sound like its a new Batch tool.


It’s almost but not quite there for all-in-one grading. It’s still slower than Lustre, but has the advantage of having all of the ML matte tools, which generally aren’t precise enough for vfx use but are perfect for color work. I’m hopeful ADSK will keep iterating on it and get it where it needs to be.



I just posted a new Flame Capsule which show what we did to help speed up performance between switching shots in the Effects Environment.

For any suggestions, please post them on the Flame Feedback portal!



will do @La_Flame! glad to see you here! cheers

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another great point regardin image in timeline, is how easy it is to send it to batch. if anybody have to comp after grade, or with a pre-grade done, you can comp with source footage, and the image node at the end watching final look. very helpfull when you have flare artist around.

Its there so that when they roll luster completely into flame pretty soon you’ll have flame “colorists” flame vfx and flame delivery aka “smoke” it will be like cg workflows where you have different artists that specialize in some specialties or work them all , but for now I don’t use it all that much except for semantic keyer which is nice.

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@Jeff you gotta get in on this thread!