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hi all,
can anyone point me to a choice 2 or 3 vids on how to use the effects tab.
i’ve spent 20years in batch and like it,. & i know i dont like new things, and ive a short temper, but… but ive tried a few times, only to find myself shouting at youtube… theres 12 plus videos of introduction,… i know 12.
theres ‘hud orientation’ where you are on the screen… what the blue effect active button means, how to move between shots… whats a library etc etc

… i just need, take in a shot, apply a selective, or key or part of the shot , choose a match box , add another selective… exit… and i just can seem to find that video…

TIA andy

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Hi Andy,

There are actually 2 series involved in learning the Effects Environment.

There is the Effects Environment series which I suspect you may be watching (and screaming at). This shows you the inner workings of the effects environment.

There is also the Image timelineFX series which covers the workflows of using the grading, selectives etc - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYSjKSn6_Fw&list=PLqfk4mdQn0sUzJw6Rvux1EY9WtF689Jy8&index=1

The first three introductory videos in the series covert the standard workflow with selectives, changing shaders etc.

Hope this helps.


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thanks grant. i’ll check those ones out.

Is You Tube taking the place of your client?