Apple “Unleashed”

Watch Party on the Discord server?


New MacPro?

I hope so. With that language you’d think they’re gonna drop something powerful. Their Mac Pro announcements are so far apart that there’s equal odds that this is announcing ipods for dogs, however.


Yep, that’s my fear, too. Unleashed could
Mean wireless and that this is a headphone or god forbid an AR glasses event.

Macrumors is saying pro laptops and headphones.

and I’m thinking, maybe I do just move over to Linux…


I’m an optimist, which means I’m usually always disappointed. I really hope that Apple does something with M1 that just blows everything away. Something really radical, like using them in parallel, or something. Maybe GPU performance that makes the lack of Nvidia less tragic? Here’s hoping.


Every Mac Pro in the history of history has been released in June. Is it June yet?

Apple in their stubbornness are going back to the trashcan design but… with an M1.

Jimmy Buffet tells me it’s June somewhere.

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I’d love to do a watch party. It’s rare I get to watch these live.


Totally! Let’s do it!

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Start your bets!

Laptops and iMacs. MacPro in the spring or summer.

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Wireless No-Button Mouse in colors. Also +1 for the watch party.

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You on our Discord server ? If not, click the Discord link at the top of the page and we’ll get you hooked up.

I’m down for a watch party.

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