Archive restore crash

I keep crashing trying to restore an old archive with what looks like a permission issue but opening permissions on the file doest seem to do the trick so far in the terminal it only shows PID 71293: Cannot set lock "pathtofile/archive-lock -Permission denied
Could no read lock file: Could not read /pathtofile/archive-lock : No such file or directory
then flame crashes signal = 11

anyone have any luck in dealing with this type of thing?

and permissions to the directory are fine too?

Is the archive on a drive? If you’re on linux and the drive is hfs+ it won’t be able to write the lock file

…but I’m just spitballing!

A bug was logged yesterday against Flame2023. Flame may crash when restoring archives if the MediaHub Archive Tab is in Tiles View when dragging entries from the archive to the MediaPanel. Switching the Archive Tab view to List View (at least for the “dragging” part) should prevent this crash.

Philippe J.

PS: If you are the user that sent the numerous CER about it, thank you, they helped reproduced the issue!


How about if I see Archive-lock -> do you know a command that removed that flashing locked on that file within the archive directory?