Arri 35 Green Screen Keying

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Happy '23! I was wondering if any of you had done much keying on the footage from the new Arri camera? I’ve done a few jobs so far but this newest one is a bit strange. I find the footage is abnormally noisy. The keys are garbage. When I dissect it, I notice that nearly all of the noise is in the blue channel specifically. Has anyone else seen this?

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I haven’t done any keying from this camera, but the camera colorspace is not LogC3 anymore. Make sure to use the new ArriLogC4 when decoding. Flame 2023.3 supports it natively. But if you’re not on the latest version you can download the latest pack from Arri’s site:

ARRI - LUT Naming Convention LogC4 and LogC3.pdf (474.5 KB)

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For sure. Thanks Sinan. I’ve experimented with it in LogC4 in 2023 as well as some ACES-CG EXR’s that I brought in to 2022. Both seem to suffer the same fate. I’m wondering if the DP ‘took advantage’ of one of the ‘cool new features’ like textures. I think this is supposed to simulate grain… that is baked on to the raw footage. :slight_smile:


After EDLs and CDLs came FDLs (framing decision list), GDLs (grain decision list) and FRDL (frame rate decision list - Hello Cameron). Last two are not really what they are called, but stilll.

What will be the next DL?


BDL? Bad Decision List?

  • Shot person wearing all denim over blue screen
  • Shot talent out of focus, will need to be “sharpened”
  • Refused to shoot clean plate

Hey Naveen, I recently have as well, it was rubbish, it was in part because they shot with the laowa f14 probe macro so they had to boost iso to 6400, was really really crappy. That said in relation to blue noise, blue is usually the most rubbish channel anyway but yeah its a special type of noisy from that camera