Dealing with Log footage / Colour Management / Canon R5

Hello All

I recently got a Canon R5. I’ve been playing around with shooting video in Log. Does anyone know the best way to view or convert this to Rec on Flame? I’ve tried tagging as log on input, or using view transforms, etc, etc.

I’ve never been able to get this working with any Log footage. It always looks strange - like the colours are off (too yellow) or the highlights are blown out.

Thanks in advance.


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Which Canon format are you shooting? CanonLog2? CanonLog3? Certainly Colour Management/Custom/Add/Camera/CanonLog2-CinemaGamut to HD Video or CanonLog3-CinemaGamut to HD Video should work, right?

Hey Randy.

It’s just Canon Log - not 2 or 3. And doing the above just makes it look double log. Like even more flat.

“You can only record in Canon Log on the EOS R5 , Canon Log 2, and Canon Log 3 are not supported (this may change in the future)”

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Oh interesting…then is something like this helpful?

Not sure. It’s a .csv. Can’t seem to import. Maybe I can convert it. I’ll try tomorrow.

It’s hard to tell without seeing you file, can you share a couple of frames, even untouched screenshots will do the job?

PS I heard that some event videographers use ARRI luts/transforms with CanonLog footage. Worth a try.

Welcome to the Forum!

Hey Val. I think I have uploaded a frame.

I’ve played around with the arri luts. They get me close. It’s just so trial and error - I was hoping there was a more precise way of doing it.

Thanks Andy.

Ok, here what I found. Your footage has rec2020 primaries and CanonLog tone curve. Here what it looks like when converting in Resolve 16 using ACES 1.1 color science (its hard to judge, but seams correct).
I use standard ACES, so it should work the same in Flame. Bad news - if my memory serves me well somehow Flame not expose every possible IDT, so you need to make one yourself. Good news - it’s easy to do.

Set your Flame project color management preset to ACES v1.1. Import your clip (just not to get confused tag it “Untagged”). Drop it to batch. Connect Color Management node to it. Set CMS node mode to “Color Transform” and press “Custom” button. Than press “Add” button in operation stack. Add first transform Type: Camera / Transform: CanonLog_to_Linear, next add Type: Primaries / Transform: LinearUHDTV_to_ACES. Now you have your source transformed to ACES AP0 / Linear and after that you can do whatever you like. If you need to comp - just add Type: Primaries / Transform: ACES_to_ACEScg. Or add Type: Camera / Transform: ACES_to_Alexa_v3_LogC and have behave like Alexa. After setting up your transform you can export it for later usage.

Or just use Resolve to convert from CanonLog/rec2020 to something more widely used (like AlexaLogC)

PS I don’t have access to Flame, so all transform names I get from my memory (can be a little bit different).

PPS If you want to stay in Flame and It’s hard to understand what I wrote - I can help you with TeamViewer or something like this.


Jamie, I thought by now your apartment would look like a florist shop


Forget about the plants, I wanna hear more about the R5!

Ha. It does from the other angle.

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Hey Val

This is amazing - thank you.

It worked perfectly For the first time I don’t have strange colours. And now if I try to grade I don’t get weird results in the high lights.

That’s pretty impressive that you recalled all that from memory. How could you tell the footage had rec2020 primaries?

I was thinking of getting resolve just to deal with this footage. But I’d rather not have to learn something new.

Ok another question - sorry. Do you know how I would do the same thing with footage from a mavik pro 2? Apparently it’s D-Log M.


You welcome.

I just opened your screenshot in Resolve and start to apply a different IDT that had CanonLog (not 2 or 3) in its name. Rec2020 is what looked most pleasing. And then refresh my memory on how to do the same in Flame.

Let say it`s not the hardest color management puzzle I had (sometimes I get no info about camera/color settings from the set).

About DJI drones - should be tough, but give me a couple of frames, I`ll look at what I can do with it (if I recall it right Flame has no DJI IDTs).

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Well I haven’t been able to figure it out so you’re much smarter than me. Do you think I should get resolve? Can it read the h265 codec? The free version that I have cannot.

No flame has no DJI LUTs. Is an IDT the same as a LUT?

I’ve attached 2 images from the drone.


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So my memory doesn’t fools me, Flame don’t have DJI colour science (and some of other camera manufactures). So Resolve comes to the rescue.

I bought my Resolve dongle 10 years ago, before free version was announced, and I still think it was best 1300$ (things always cost a little bit more here in Ukraine, than in normal parts of a world) I ever spent. And for 300 it even better investment. Studio version should read h265 without any hiccups, and do tones of other cool stuff, so year, I highly recommend it.

Here is you frames I convert from Dgamut/Dlog to AlexaWideGamut/LogC and fix color temperature + exposure (couple of clicks). If you want or need to get this footage in Flame just convert to AlexaWideGamut/LogC, render to ProRES moves and use it as Alexa files. Should work reasonably well.

Or I can bake this conversion to LUT you can use in Flame (in theory, should be tested).

IDT (Input Device Transform) is a term used in ACES workflow for transforming your sources to ACES colourspace (it’s free of some LUT limitations, but serves the same purpose), just think of it like LUT 2.0 format.

Hope this helps.


Hey Val

These images look good.

It might be worth my while to invest in Resolve then.

I’m still not sure how to do the conversion in flame. You say convert from Dgamut/Dlog to AlexaWideGamut/LogC but I have no option for Dgamut / Dlog in Flame.

Thank you also for the information about IDTs.

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I mean it is possible to convert Dgamut/Dlog to something more common in Resolve. Sorry for misleading.

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Ahh. Ok. Would you mind creating a lut for me for flame in the mean time please? While I think about getting resolve.

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