FG Export - flame wants to render first

Hi all,
This only seems to happen since moving to 2023 on Linux.
When exporting timelines with unrendered fx in the foreground, flame will sometimes do a render pass before it starts exporting. The same as what you would expect from a background export.
When it’s an hour sequence with just a crop, that’s alot of storage.
Any one else seeing this?

In theory as long as you have ‘Export in Foreground’ checked in the Media Export menu and ‘Keep Timeline FX Renders’ (in Preferences sub-menu in the Media Export menu) you should be OK. Maybe one of those got switched on or off in the new install?

There s a known issue related to using Export Between Marks. If you disable the option, no FX will render.

Thanks both,
I’ve got 2 adjacent clips on a timeline from the same source clip, using the same export preset both using mark In/out. one renders one doesn’t.
Does this sound like the known issue Stephane or something new ?

Just to flag this is still an issue in the latest version of 2023

Hum… hard to say. Could yo provide data to our Support team so they can investigate?

I’m on 2024 and have this issue. Is it a known bug?

Strongly suggest making a support call. First archive the problematic clip, restore it in another project and check if the archive carries the problem over. If so definitely provide the archive to @FriendsFromAutodesk

Most of the time, Flame does not need to render when exporting media as a foreground task. But there are cases where content has to be modified and then we pre-render, like in these cases:

-Export between Marks: we need to build a portion of the sequence and to do so, we need to pre-render.This is expected.

-Sequence Publish with Flatten options, which also modified the structure of the content, requires pre-rendering.

if you have a case that is outside of these use cases, please get to our support team with content they can use to reproduce the issue.

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Thankyou. Will contact support.

I’ve never had to prerender anything on previous versions, is this new?. I have a letterbox and or a burn in metadata across an hour and a half film.

Please let us know what Support team will find. Based on what you list, Flame should not have to pre-render but hard to see your content or export option over message.

@Slabrie Ha! I had to do a double take Stephane as I initially read it as “Please let us know what Support Team you find” and I was thinking that was a bit openly cynical from a Flame Product Manager.

Lol! Speed can be dangerous, even when reading :wink: