Audio interacting with footage


First time poster here. I’m wondering if there is a matchbox or a node that allows you to input an audio (WAV) file that can interact with the footage?

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense… it’s hard to put into words haha



The animation editor can generate keyframes from audio in 2022. I’m not sure if that feature is still in 2023, but I can’t imagine they’d have removed it.


Ah okay, is there others ways to do this as well? Just want to know my options. Going for a warp/distortion effect

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The built-in stuff is pretty good. You can sample different parts of the audio spectrum and then link that generated curve to anything else in the same build. So you could make something get bigger or smaller in time with the bass notes, for example.
For the kind of thing it sounds like you’re aiming at it might be linking the z position of the centre of an extended bicubic shape to the generated curve.

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Ah interesting, I’ve only just started looking at this (didn’t even know you could import audio into action) More information that better haha

In action its the audio on the BG clip I think from memory.

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I’ve used this to create visualizers for some music videos in the past.

Ah okay, do you think you could create this sort of effect (image below)

It’s the opening shot :slight_smile:

You could use radial blur and distort with selective masks. And link the values for radial blur and distort to the audio channels.