Increase or decrease audio volume from frame x to frame y

Hello forum

Would like do decrease the audio volume(audio track) during a certain segment(video track) and to increase the volume during an other segement.

Is that possible within Flame?


The Gain timeline audio effect is keyframeable and I think you can even adjust it on the fly. You can also adjust the sliders on the audio desk on the fly and the adjustments will be stored.

Thank’s for advise! Good to hear that this can be done within Flame :slight_smile:

Can this audio volume change be done in “Timeline” by deactivating the yello Auto-Key and adding
GN-FX (Gain) and change the Gain 0.00 dB slider ?

or should I hit the Gain-FX and change the values here ?

Thank’s a lot!

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Both options are fine!!! No wrong way, just a quick way vs. a way with more options.

Thank’s for that info!

Now I would like to change audio volume on different regions of the audio track, but I am unable to
set addional keyframes at the actual postion of the yellow positioner…

Am I doing something wrong or is that really not possible?

Hi Joe,

You can set keyframes at the positioned by using the “set key” button on the right side of the interface. You can also set keys across the clip by using your mouse/stylus and changing the curser to Add points under the Tools menu on the upper right of your screenshot.

The tools menu is available throughout the software…you’ll use the same tools for a key framing, gmasks etc.

And/or turn on Autokey and start changing things.

Thank’s to all of you. Autokey did help :slight_smile: It seems that I do not really understand Autdokey and my idea was, in order to be able to set keyframes manually, Autokey has to be turned off…

You can also physically cut the audio track(s) do whatever you need to level wise and throw a dissolve on the cut. I find this method much easier/quicker then the keyframe route.

Having had to do some audio effects in Flame while editing, it seems that the audio timeline leaves a lot to be desired. Compared to TLFX for video, you can’t seem to tab between different audio fx, sometimes the keyframes are not displayed properly… wait I should get these in a feedback post.

That sounds very interesting RT_FA… do you see a possibility to post a screenshot?

Thank you in advance!

A simple example. Any fade ups/down and crossfades w/ level adjustments are done with simple dissolves and or cuts as opposed to messing w keyframes. Also much easier to apply audio fx on a clip by clip basis as opposed to a track basis with the desktop EQ.

Hope that helps…

Thank you RT_FA for the screenshot and the explanation!

Did you cut the audio tracks in Flame or did you use the slip-function(?)

Thank you!

I cut the tracks.

How did you do that? Did you add an additional Audio Track to the project, imported/dropped the sound to that audio track and here you made the cut?

Thank’s a lot!

Thank’s a lot! It works nicely. Do you have an idea what the red crosses between some of the different segments do indicate?


I don’t know for sure but i would guess the redlines are nothing more than a visual cue to let you know that there is a cross fade (top 2 tracks) or fade up (bottom track) since the transition icon never changes. If that makes sense.