Audio LUFS and LKFS

I have been receiving a lot of strange audio formats recently. A symptom of our ever expanding social delivery requirements I guess.

I was wondering what terms you use for your broadcast or online audio?

@johnt I have completely forgotten all of my UK delivery knowledge and it has probably changed anyways.

In Australia if I get audio marked as OP59 I know that this is TV standard.

New Zealand gets marked as - 24LKFS for television.

germany its R128 for tv and people still do a “web mix” thats like -3dBFS peak or something… tbf if its too loud youtube etc just turns it down to whatever ( I think its -14 LUFS)

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UK TV has to have 6fr silence head and tail these days and called R128.

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intereting ive never heard about the 6frm silence, whats the reason for that?

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Rumor has it it was one of the main reasons for the Revolutionary War.


Well it used to be 12 frames. The reasoning, as far as I know, was to give a second of silence between adverts. When commercial tv started in uk there was a bit of deference to the audience, not to bombard them with commercial messages unlike in America. There has been a shift to 6 frames in recent years probs my because advertising agencies often complained about not having enough time to squeeze in all the copy they wanted. And on the internet they can do what they like of course. It’s a conservative country and slow to change in many respects.

Sometimes though, it would be nice to have more bucolic, slower adverts like this:

Instead of this;

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very cool!

I wouldnprobably assume I have issues with my eARC watching UK commercials :sunglasses::woozy_face:

This is literally your job. :slight_smile:

And not putting audio on the first or last few frames of an advert is a little like…

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