Audio not playing through speakers Flame 2025 Rocky Linux 9.9

Flame 2025 Rocky Linux 9.3 A5000 card.
I have the audio in Rocky set to HDMI / Display port to send the audio to the monitor speakers via the Displayport. Monitor is 49" LG. Outside flame I hear audio of clips playing on a webrowser. The display port cable is plugged into the port nearest the ethernet ports. I’ve tried Pulse and ALSA settings and moved the output selection to each of the ports 0-3. I can see the audio meters showing the audio tone level while the clip is playing.
Is this how people are getting their audio, from the display port of HDMI of the gfx card?
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I get mine from the AJA sdi output. I have a de-embedder in the room that splits it out. You should be able to do something similar with HDMI, or at least hear it through the speakers of the LG and/or tap it back out of the LG (I think they have an optical audio output on the back) Distance can be a factor. Also, it’s always been my experience that all HDMI cables are created equal, but some are more equal than others. Maybe try another brand of cable.

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Have you checked the audio output level in audio preferences? The default level is like -10000000 or something strange. Setting it to something more reasonable for port audio might be the issue.

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Make sure Audio Monitoring is enabled in Preferences → User → Players & Monitoring