AUDIO VIA USB? - Possible?

Hi everyone

I am messing around with a new setup and I would like to swap out my Rokit monitors for my Bose USB speakers. I had hoped they would be plug’n’play but no such luck with Linux. Is anyone setup this way and, if so, would you mind sharing your config settings so that I can send audio out via USB rather than through the Kona card?


Hi dK,

Unfortunately you cannot out audio via usb with Flame.

You can output audio via the “core” which is the 3.5mm jack but I am not sure if you’re able to have the video on the Kona and have the audio from else where.


There is no way at the moment to have audio and video come from different places. I’m going through that hell hole at the moment.

Thanks guys - looks like I am stuck going through my mixer then! :wink:
Not a bad problem to have - it’s funny. I have gone from loving a big desk with all teh bells and whistles to wanting a much more streamlined work surface. Minimalism seems to come with age I guess!!

Thanks for your input here! Always greatly appreciated!