Autodesk tokens / Flex

Anyone using Flex and Tokens to give out to freelancers? Is the Flex system easy to use, as in if a producer in a different timezone needs to hand out tokens ASAP, can it be taught with minimal fuss?

I don’t know about Tokens, but we needed an extra Flame license for 1 week. I called our reseller, they took 2 days to get back to me with a quote of $600 week. While waiting for them, I went onto ADSK website and in 5 minutes purchased a single month for $600 and got it assigned without any hassle. Reseller model is dead.

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Our reseller does get full licenses a bit cheaper than buying straight from Autodesk. But I concur. If you need it now, you need it now

I have used the flex when i was first starting on my home setup. Its easy but annoying caveat. When I got it I had updated my flame to a new version so the day before I was starting a gig, I downloaded the version they wanted me to use and I logged in to make sure it was working and logged out. It immediately counted that first login even if it was within 15 min as a day and I didn’t know. So the minute you open the program and enter a project the day count begins.

I find it convenient if I know Im not going to be booked on too many home jobs just like 3 days here or there. Since the tokens not used last up to a year. But I don’t thinks its worth a weeks worth (since the minimum is $300 that gives you about 5 days). Unless you buy in bulk to last you the year and use it sporadically when you need extra licenses


Thanks, I tried getting to chat support to answer this very question, but won’t get a callback till Monday. I’d say I personally reboot Flame at least once a day. If we have to pay double to restart it then that sucks.

I see flame at 18 tokens a day, so 16 days of 300 ticktets if all goes nominal.

If you have to restart, the count won’t restart, it will still honor within the 24hr day cycle you signed on. But confirm with them not sure if it has changed. When used it I just thought the countdown didn’t start until at least after 30 minutes like a grace window for things like what I had to do.

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I used tokens for a while when I started. They’re a good solution, but Flame is hungry, I think it has the highest token count from any ADSK app, which even surprised their research folks when we talked about it. It would be better if they did 9 tokens/12hrs instead of 18/24hrs because sometimes you just need to do a quick render or note for a client, and burning 18 tokens for that is the one thing that makes them unsustainable.

Btw - the main page makes it look like the minimum is $300, but you can get $100 worth of tokens. It’s on one of the other pages where you can change that amount.


The more I looked into it, the more I agree. A full license is cheaper given how busy we are. Unfortunately their license software will let 100 people log into the same license and not complain. You need to make sure your freelancers log out when the job wraps. We did get a rude call from Autodesk license police because of this…

That’s wierd, because in our environment were we have centralized home directories, if exit flame/linux on machineA and then try to use it on machineB I need to re-authenticate the license.

We’re 90% remote on Mac. They did say “In 2024 we will have this fixed.”

Not my experience. I use Flame on three systems (Linux, MacStudio, and MBP). I never have to login again as long as my browser cache doesn’t get too stale. Only if I didn’t login for extended period on a system does it ask me to login again. And I can be logged in simultaneously and it doesn’t care.

Maybe our experienced behavior is unique to having centralized home directories.

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Could also be a bug on their end, as it seems more liberal than you’d expect.

I could see two simultaneous logins for courtesy reasons, as many other software does. But it seems looser than that.

I understand you’re allowed 2 machines (so machine at work, personal machine at home). Sorta like Adobe. But Adobe checks and will kindly kick people off for you.

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I had a flame assist lisence to run along side my Flame lisence to take care of QT exports and some QC work. Sadly this was terminated as FA was no longer supported. So now i have one Flame lisence which i use on my mac and the mac one next to me in my office to these export tasks.

I was recently contacted and reprimanded by Autodesk. I have to say It did dissapoint me a bit as i was perfectly happy having my flame assist lisense. I was told its a random check but your not allowed two machines logged in at any one time although it doesnt seem to flag that on the log in page.

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what do you mean FlameAssist is no longer supported?

In that case I would prefer ADSK would do it like Adobe. Keep track of the current 2 machines approved for your account and force you to logout if you want to change systems. Seems better than the random police raids based on log data you have no visibility to.


They really do. The guy who called basically came out of the gate accusing us of cheating the system and threatening to null all our licenses right then and there. Ultimately we just threw money at it till he was happy we weren’t crooks.

And he had access to log data we don’t. I asked him how to find the page he was sharing over Zoom because it would be immensely useful. But nope, not avail in the civilian Autodesk Manager.

Another bug: changing passwords doesn’t affect current logins. If you’ve logged into a license it stays logged in until you manually log out.

Just little things that need some fixing.

Definitely not cool at all.

That attitude wouldn’t fly with me. Fix your software, or we’ll just use other people’s software that works properly.

I had a FA licence that evolved from my Smoke license and it was ceased some years ago. Be great to have it back but i don’t think thats an option.