Backburner issue

Trying to set up flame on my new macbook and get this backburner error.
Any ideas guys?

Hey Paul, have you changed al the permissions in Security on the Mac to allow all things Autodesk to read/write and access etc.?

Not sure, a few popups came up which I accepted, but I haven’t specifically changed anything.
I’ve now done that, but still get the same backburner error message.

So you switched on full disk access in Privacy and security for everything?

Do you subscribe through XTFX? If so they normally sort it out pretty quickly.

Yes, don’t go through XTFX.
I did wonder about using Mikes Backburner guide, but I guess it’s now out of date.

I’d imagine so! XTFX will remote in and trouble shoot if you are under subscription with them - way easier - you can sit back with a coffee.

Sadly, we’re not. But thanks Angus.
I’ll try to see what the difference is to the setup on my old macbook.

I’m getting this when running diagnostics for the network ports:

S+W Network Server port (7000)
:x: Conflicts with ControlCenter (pid:666)

  • Edit /opt/Autodesk/sw/cfg/sw_serverd.cfg to change the port used by S+W Network Server.

Any thoughts on what I should change the port to?


Enlighten us :pray:

Port 7000 is AirPlay on a Mac if memory serves. Turning it off fixes the conflict.

Yup, it was a port conflict, changed it to port 7200 now all good.
Just need to sort my wacom and work out how to use clamshell mode.
Such fun!

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