Flame 2020.3.1 catalina, not caching

Hi -
I did all the backburner reset instruction I could find on this site and on the autodesk site, but still can’t cache. Exporting works though in the background, so backburner is doing something. Any ideas what this might be? I was thinking permissions… but the flame renders to the framestore drive just fine.

Any ideas for what else I could try?


Did you go into the service monitor and stop/start/restart all of the components? I usually had to do all of them minus multi-purpose Daemon. I didn’t have Catalina installed, but it was Flame 2020.3.1. It’s worth a shot.

Probably permissions. Make sure all the Flame services have full disk access in the MacOS System Preferences/Security and Privacy.


Yes… they all are restarted and running.
No difference…

I did that too… also no luck.

ok… somehow i got it to work. I made a new user and also deleted some files out of the opt/autodesk/backburner/Network/Servers and ServerJobs folders. One of those two things must have done the trick.

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