Backburner Monitor and the new standalone app from Autodesk

Hey everyone. I’m trying to access the browser backburner monitor and I’m getting 404 not found. Using “/localhost/Backburner”

This comes on the heels of installing a new raid framestore and footage isn’t caching, so it’s likely i ruined it all. haha.

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Are you on a Mac? I think backburner monitor has been broken for the past couple versions of Mac OS.

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ah I am on a mac.

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This has something to do with Catalina and the…umm… I think I might be making this up…access to the default Apache web server?

Also, Flash dies in a couple days.

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Good to know. Media still isn’t caching though, I’m gonna open a ticket with support cause it’s likely I beefed it while setting up the RAID.

Flash is deprecated on all browsers. There is a new native MacOS/Linux Backburner Monitor that ADSK has done a terrible job of publicizing.

Does this exist for 2020?

I found it in case anyone was interested Backburner Monitor App


Backburner Web Monitor, which is based on Adobe Flash, is no more supported by web browser as of December 31st 2020. You must download the new standalone Backburner Monitor application from the Autodesk App Store for both Linux and macOS.