How do you access Backburner Web Monitor on a Mac

I am trying to solve a problem where caching media has stalled and I want to look at my Backburner Web Monitor but I can’t seem to do this any more.

The Mac won’t let me and the discontinuation of Flash makes it a series of hoops and old versions of Firefox to get there on Linux.


I saw some talk of this in the 2021.2 release notes but it seems as if they don’t really have a solution yet. We are running 2020.3

From the 2021.2 release notes

Flash Deprecation

With Adobe Flash being officially deprecated and support being dropped by internet browser vendors, Wiretap Central and Backburner Web Monitor are no longer available.

Backburner Web Monitor is replaced by Backburner Monitor, a desktop application available on CentOS and macOS installed by the Flame installer. See Managing Backburner Jobs with Backburner Monitor.

Wiretap Central has no replacement at this point in time.

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Yeah that is what it seems to say in the release doc. We don’t have 2021 yet.

Is anyone using the BackburnMonitor?

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yeah its nice

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nope…Mac as well.

@PlaceYourBetts I’m not by my computer but I am pretty sure there is an installer for just Backburner Monitor in this download

I’m using it to monitor a fleet of 2018.3.1 flames (don’t judge) from my Mac (running Mojave)

If this isn’t the right link, hopefully it gets you close.

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That did it. Thanks for that. I’ll fish out the linux version for work now.

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