We have just installed 2020 on an old Z820 that previously ran Flare. All working fine except the dreaded backburner waiting message.

Any thoughts on how to fix it?

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It’s Linux, not mac.
I can export, but cannot then cache said clip when reimporting.

Too recent. This is 2020
on centos 7.2

Yeah, all services green.

I seem to remember something like this on one of the linux flames after upgrading (bbm was local, not remote).

Does /opt/Autodesk/backburner/Network/backburner.log reveal anything useful?

Sorry, I can’t remember what the webUI looked like, so I’m going what it looks like in the newer Backburner monitor. IIRC, if I looked at the Servers tab, one of the servers status is missing or absent? and I think it was red color.

I would then select that missing server and delete it.

And then I also remember having to reconfig backburner. I think you have to stop backburner_manager before you run the config. (I’m using the systemctl as an example here, instead of the older /etc/init.d/backburner_manager stop which the older versions are still using I think?)

systemctl stop adsk_backburner_manager.service

cp -p /opt/Autodesk/backburner/Network/backburner.xml /opt/Autodesk/backburner/Network/backburner.xml.bk

run the config tool as root (or use sudo)

systemctl start adsk_backburner_manager.service

Then go back into the backburner monitor and see if the server status is still missing (or absent) and you may have to delete or restart the pending job??? uhhh, writing this from memory…

Do you have /opt/Autodesk/backburner/purge_dirs ? (Sorry, I don’t have 2020 anywhere.) If so, try stopping backburner with the service manager, then running that as root, and restarting backburner.