Backspace weirdness in Linux

I’m getting strange results when I edit text in Linux Flame 2025 which I haven’t seen before.
This doesn’t appear to happen on Mac Flame 2025.
I’m just wondering if anyone else is getting this.

This happened in the 3D text within action, but also I’ve tested on renaming a colour frame on the desktop and the same thing occurs.

When I’m editing text and press backspace it very often changes other characters further down the text line. (Also just checked and this happens with “DEL” key as well)

Here’s a before and after screenshot below.
The first one has an X which I then go and remove with backspace and it turns the “a” into an “m”

This a new install of Flame on Rocky Linux 9.3, I’m wondering if there’s a setting that I need to change, or maybe my keyboard is causing issues.


With “X” intentionally added.

After removing “X” with backspace key.

This is a known and reported bug.
It has been fixed and will appear in either the next dot release or the next minor release.

FP-03181 Text entry for Rename/Comment/Shot Name appears to be broken

Interesting thanks.

When I click on that link it doesn’t appear to be there, but at least I know it’s a bug.


Have you try to press insert key in your keyboard?

My apologies,
I just always assume that we are all signed up for the feedback group.

The erroneous behavior was acknowledged and confirmed and fixed, but it did not make it to the first cut of 2025.

The fix has been promised in an imminent upcoming release.

In the meantime, on linux, on 9.3 and 8.7 you need to exploit copy/cut/paste or rely on your typing skills to bypass the behavior.

Personally, I type with my index fingers and I have to look at the keyboard - I didn’t evolve properly.

I say it frequently and mean it:
“If I could type I might be dangerous…”

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