Weird Keyboard madness

has anyone else been experiencing odd keyboard behaviour on the mac version of Flame since upgrading to 2021.2?

I have a Mac Pro 2020 at work which is running correctly, yet the Mac Pro Trashcan i have at home (running the exact same version of Catalina and exact same version of Flame) is not behaving when i try use the D key to delete from the timeline or batch.

Instead of hovering over a clip and tapping D to delete it, i’m having to hammer away at the key as if it were Sonic the Hedgehogs jump controls! A single tap no longer works - i seem to have to do 2-3 very rapid taps before a deletion happens.

I have tried creating a new user, and i have also checked that other applications are not showing any missed keystrokes on the D key.
I’ve checked the preferences and can’t see anything obvious…any suggestions?


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Keyboard swap?

Even though it works flawlessly with everything else?
I’ll try anonymity user pref setup tomorrow to see if that helps any. Seemed okay today when i was experimenting with expressions, and no timeline clips.

I have been having that issue, or something similar and I think its a known bug if you change your library view from proxies to list view I know that created some issue with hotkeys.

new user pref file an its working normally again.
c’est la vie!

I always have the library in list view, find it much easier to navigate that way.