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Hi peeps,
Since we update our Flame to 2022.2,
some of the shortcut are not working(e.g. - grave, apostrophe, comma, period).

is anyone had similar experience or how can we fix this?

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Just a Flame update or an update to the OS?
Linux or Mac?

There have been plenty of keyboard issues in the past but I don’t remember a problem with the comma or full stop :thinking:

Upgrade is from Flame 2021 to 2022.2 on Linux.

Make sure you are creating a new user in Flame.

Hi Deepak,
I have this happen sometimes with version upgrades or new users. One thing to try is manually copying your hotkeys from your previous use to the new one. In the Linux OS, go to your opt/user/ directory, and copy the contents of the /hotkey/ folder from the old user to the new. Relaunch Flame and it will load these. Otherwise you might have to manually reassign in the hotkeys manager interface in Flame.

Thanks everyone for your inputs.

Found the solution on Autodesk website.

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