Backup projects to reinstall Linux

So somebody decided it would be a great idea to install TeamViewer on our Linux box, which then updated a load of system files and has broken the Flame install.

Quickest way to recovery is for me to wipe and reinstall, but I need some confirmation of which folders to backup to save the work that’s already on the system.

Is it just /opt/Autodesk/clip that needs to be grabbed, or are the Action batch scripts saved somewhere else? There is not much work on this system but I’d like to get it off if possible. All the media is in EditShare workspaces so I don’t need to worry about that.


I would back up all user data and fonts.

Installing TV on the linux box would not do this damage unless they went hunting for dependencies and perhaps performed a kernel update. If Archiving with Flame or Flame_Archive are not avail;able to you, Installation Workflows will help get you back up if you pay attention to the tar command and the paths.

Here is a more direct route.

If confused or unsure you can open a case with support for an assist. Good luck.

Hi MOS, from what I could tell it updated a whole load of dependencies, and starting Flame now reports a broken link to something or other, sorry not near the box.

Depending on the OS, there may be different dependencies needed or prompted by an rpm install. I would recommend a yum localinstall or a dnf install of teamviewer if the RPM is unable to install.

Batch scripts are saved in /opt/Autodesk/project/

Probably safest to archive everything though.