Error Loading Batch

Hi Guys,

There is an error in Flame that follows me for years. It frequently happens to me. Suddenly when I open my batch, there is an error. And usually, it happens to just one batch of my projects. Probably it is due to the way I comp, maybe. I really don’t know what causes it, and Flame would be perfect for me if I knew how to deal with it. Even if I load my saved batch again, this error persists. What I do to recover my batch is copy and paste the error batch setup through finder to another project and open it. It happened to me again today.

Please, anyone dealt with it before? Has any idea what I am doing that causes it?

I use many modular keyers and pre-renders.

I attached images showing what happens.
Thank you,

I’d open a case for support so they can look in the logs.

Are you saving iterations or the save batch button. Personally I had this go away the second I started saving as iterations a while back. I also stay well away from modular keyer

I have this frequently but I haven’t followed up with support.

I haven’t been able to find out what causes this but I also take a belt and braces approach like @joelosis

My writeNode saves the batch setup whcih I call “BkUp” I also save an iteration and just to be safe I also manually save which accompanies the “BkUp” version. Can’t be too safe when it comes to batch saves.

I know that this doesn’t solve your problem. I probably should have chased this up rather than creating some superstitious charm circle of save files.

I save interactions joel. I save my batch just once, after that I just use interactions.

Maybe it’s the modular keyer?

Hi Pedro -

What other nodes are you using in your batch other than modular keyer? I downloaded the screenshot, but can’t read anything.

Hi Sbotie.

I am basically using Action, modular keyers and hard comminting my prerenders. I am not using Sapphire.

Just want to confirm - you have continued to update your flame version and still this error follows you?