Batch Paint can't handle the inches

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It’s not a bug if only 10% of users know that functionality even exists

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The thumbnails keep getting better!

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Have you tried moving the menu?

I was thinking about that. Been at least a decade since I last used that function. Anyway, I’ve been told it is a known bug.

Losing my mind right now with Batch Paint in 2022.1. Any paint tool leaves a square edge. Thought I’d be slick and start this new job in 2022.1 to try some new tools… Ugh. I’ve been able to get rid of these by switching between timeline and batch, and scrubbing on the render node, but JFC. Of course after conforming I can’t migrate backwards.

Not meaning to hijack this thread, but my god. This is a BASIC tool that we all use regularly…

Anyone have any ideas?

This happened to me a few weeks back. Try cutting the link to the paint node then relink it back to the source it was attached too. That worked for me at the time. Luckily I haven’t seen this bug since then.


Painting an ugly picture / blocky paint?

Try this

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Thanks guys for your help. @PlaceYourBetts, that was spot on what fixed it.


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This is why BatchPaint is a failed module. It needs to be re-written again, for the 3rd or 4th time already. When this iteration was in beta in late 2017 or early 2018 I told ADSK it was broken and should be pulled from release. And here we are.

I use batch paint incessantly on a daily basis and have very few issues. I would be lost without it and do not think it bears any resemblance to a failed module. Well, except for the part where I need to change 300 paint strokes from current to sequence 1 at a time. But other than that. . . .

Not sure if you are on the beta list, but if you see my MANY posts there regarding bugs in Paint, you might have a different opinion.

What baffles me, is that feature request has existed for how many years now? What I would give for a shift multi-select on strokes…

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Do you actually think that years of a very successful user experience across multiple platforms and 3 or 4 OS updates would suddenly be rendered meaningless once I read your MANY posts? I sure we can agree that it has issues, there are somethings that could be better, and perhaps some that are actually broken, but it is far frame a failed module.


There’s a python script that allows you to change paint strokes after the fact. It’s in the Logik Portal.

I’m going to say this as diplomatically as possible. There are several modules that were spearheaded by someone who is no longer at ADSK, that all need to be re-written as they are dead ends.

I get a fucking cartoon every time I use the logik portal

Sorry, I consider failure to maintain image integrity a failed module. On the project we are on, which is a large sci-fi movie, by famed directors, for massive studio, they have rejected our comps specifically because doing a Reveal in (Pain)t contaminates the image. We’ve had to result to alternative solutions. Working in 6K 16fp reveals so many flaws that doing HD supers don’t have.

Or how about loading a Batch setup and your strokes are all different and must be redone? Would that be a fail? Because that is a documented and acknowledged bug too! I’d consider that a fail.