BATCH: Token 'Regen' is missing from Matchbox

I have a bunch of Batch iterations that seem to have somehow become corrupted. I get a pop-up saying “BATCH: Token ‘Regen’ is missing from the file 'xxxMatchboxNsmexxx.matchbox_node.”

I have never seen this before - even the rendered clip’s history does the same thing when trying to open. Any thoughts?!!?


Thanks so much for the suggestion. Autodesk support actually came back with the same thought.

After yes’ing to all the errors, I get either an empty Schematic, or one just populated with random clips. Nothing that’s in any way usable.

Unfortunately history and iterating have proved to be almost completely bulletproof to me in the past. And in cases of one of and extremely rare corruption, I can always fall back to a previous iteration.

This is the first time I’ve had a whole string of iterations pass on corruption and thus all become corrupted. As well as history of a clip that was successfully rendered from the same lineage also becoming corrupted.

As such I will definitely now also employ saves as backups to iterations as well to perhaps mitigate this in the future.

I always save iterate and save.

I seem to remember something like this before and if you load and append a small batch to it then everything went back to normal plus the new batch.

hey! I have the same issue as you, did you find a solution ?