Missing clips after restore


I just restored an archive of a batch setup that has about 100 clips in it. The batch reels contain no clips but when you go into batch to look at the schematic you see all the missing clips, weird right? The clips are on my storage device as per when I did the comp. The path has not changed either. Whats the quickest way to relink all the clips.

If your batch reels contain no clips, were you using READ nodes @johnag ?

In your batch schematic can you select the missing clip and get an error message?
If you select your last node you will get ALL of the error messages and in your terminal you should see all of the file paths that batch was trying to access. Track down why they are not where they should be.

Nope I don’t use read nodes. I soft import everything.

The clips in the schematic are red with (missing clip) appended in the filename

I launch flame via the app icon. What do I type in terminal to get me the info? Do I need to launch flame via terminal and if so what’s the command? I haven’t done it in a long time.

Short answer run flame from startApplication:

You can just navigate here and run startApplication by double clicking on it. This will launch flame for you and keep a terminal open showing you all of the feedback from the launch and log any error messages.

Long answer. I’ll start another thread @johnag

I found this Launch Flame on Mac from a Terminal @johnag

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ok so Im now launching flame via the terminal but I dont see anything regarding the missing clips and their path

If you select the clip are you given a checkerboard and an error message?

I was expecting you to get an error message and Ideally you could see the orig location of the missing file.

The advantage to the terminal output is only when you have more than one clip and you don’t want to select each one in the batch and write down the metadata.

The error message in the shell records all of this for you. (thanks @vfxandy for showing me that one)

However I have had it before where the missing clip is just a dud. All I can see is the file name and no other metadata. If this sounds like you then I have no silver bullet for you. Sorry

Red missing clip is only visible in batch schematic and does not appear in schematic reel so thats why i cant get to the metadata.

In this case i only had the file name to go on so i did a finder search and found the missing clip