Best Ideal Gui monitor setup & health

Hi logik !
Question on GUI monitor,

I’m very concerned about ergonomic positioning and the potential for back pain due to improper setup.
Turning head in between monitor the entire day can be painfull at the end.

What monitor size do you find most comfortable for work and why?

Are you using a dual or triple monitor setup? If so, which configuration/orientation do you recommend and why?

Do you prefer a 4K or 2K GUI monitor for Flame? What are the benefits of each from your experience?

There is other monitor topic but not health oriented :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your tips🙏

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I’ve got a single monitor with no broadcast display. It’s a 32" QHD (2560x1440). I don’t need to monitor HDR or anything fancy so the setup works well for me on both remote and local jobs.

I don’t generally like dual monitors for a host of reasons and Flame is well designed to work on a single monitor.

I can’t speak to back pain, but I’d say get a standing desk.


I find for eye health it’s nice to have a monitor on the wall behind the primary monitor. Doesn’t have to be reference grade. Allows you to do watch back, etc at a distance and helps your eyes to adjust regularly. That can also change posture as you can lean back a bit while watching.

Not a scientific recommendation, just personal preference.


I think single/dual or monitor size is less important than how you set your workspace up. It’s more important to get correct sitting position (110 degrees is often cited as the best seated posture angle, you can Google it) and move regularly. A sit-stand desk is good but don’t stand for too long. Go for walks or move whilst you are waiting for renders. A decent chair and footrest can help too.


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Already done Alan ! This one is in the list :wink:
Just good to have several opinions,

To resume from what I Know and your thought :

The chear should be an aeron miller ( or other brand ) with 110° position
The desk should be able to do sit/stand
The desk should also be at least 80cm deep
The monitor should be single in between 32" to 40"
From 2K to 4K and mounted on an adjustable foot
A broadcast monitor should be above this setup

I have found variations of this setup has worked well for me for well over 3 decades!
Main gui screens directly in front, set high enough that you look straight ahead, not looking down at the desktop. The broadcast monitor sits right next to the gui’s so its at the same height, and needs very little head movement to watch.

I have used a Hermann Miller Mirra chair for 18yrs and find it much more comfortable than the Aeron i used to have.

Don’t neglect lighting…you want to avoid glare on the screens but you also want to avoid lights directly overhead that can cause eye strain by reflecting off your cheeks (sounds daft until you experience it!).
I also angle my desk so its not flush with the wall…it reduces standing wave reflections from the audio monitors as they are no longer pointed directly at a flat wall, it also gives some space to the back wall so i can look at pictures or the clock just to occasionally let my eyes focus at a different distance.

Where that big 40”Dell screen stands, i used to have 2 monitors.


I have my GUI monitor mounted to an articulating arm, it’s nice to be able to easily reposition during longer sessions.

Taking breaks to stretch is important as well…I used to have an old fashioned egg timer on my desk to remind myself to take a break on really busy days.

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