Blackmagic Ultra Studio 4k Heat issue

Hi All,
This one is slightly off topic but curious to know if anyone else has had overheating issues with their Ultrastudio 4K Mini. I’ve just turned mine off as it’s almost too hot touch. This cant be normal.
Anyone else?

We have about 10 of these for purposes not related to Flame, and never had one fail, but I’ve also not really noticed what you describe. Many of ours are in a “warm” rack, with little care given to them.

Now DeckLink cards, we went thru a period during COVID nonsense were 4/5 cards came bad straight from factory.

if its anything like the AJA T-Tap Pro i have (which is a very similar size), then i have been told its normal for it to run extremely hot. Mine is hot enough to use as a mug warmer.

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Maybe they should have said on the box that it can also double as a heat plate for teas, coffees and small plates. :grinning:

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AJA tries to cool passively as much as possible to control fan noise. BMD relies on noisy and cheap fans. in would check if maybe the fan failed or something else obstructs airflow. Usually they don’t get that hot.

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