Turn off BMD UltraStudio's LCD Screen

Hello, everyone:

Is there anyone happen to know how to “Turn Off” that little LCD screen to the right side of Black Magic Design’s UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3 (such a loooong product name)??

I’ve googled and checked the official website/manual but no answer for it, nor explanation for those 14 bottons next to the screen…

Any advice will be very welcome!

Jeff Chin

if you can’t find a tech way then tape a square of your favourite cereal box over it!

I had to move my BMD Ultrastudio 2k into a soundproofed rack as the fan was so noisy, so the screen wasn’t an issue for me - i’m guessing they fixed problem!

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I’m sure that’s the way to go “later” if necessary…hahaha~
This model is much less noise, especially when compare to the Pegasus next to it…sounds like someone snoring when the disk array running!

Thanks for your input!

Jeff Chin

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Hi, everyone:

Got the answer from BMD local reseller that there’s no way to turn the LCD screen off, for now. They suggest an opaque black cardboard and tape onto it (@Lightningad you’ve got it 100% correct!)

Wish this little screen will come along with more functionality in the future, such as video signal waveform/scope monitor or etc.

Best wish to you all,
Jeff Chin

would be a great feature, but likely to reduce the sales of the Smartscope Duo (which is a really neat product)

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