Broken my resolution - help!

I’m working remotely via zboost/rgs, hp z8, centos7.6, flame2022_2.

This may not be totally relevant, but I was attempting to install Blender using these instructions:

all seemed good, but when I loggged out and back, the resolution is locked at 640x480(!).

Theres no options in the nvidia x server setup utility to amend this. If I run xrandr in a terminal there are no other resolutions available.
I suspect what may be happening is that the physical gui monitor (in the suite) is off / not responding and so centos is defaulting to a lo-res display setting.
zboost cannot seem to force a higher resolution either.

I’m waiting on someone to have a look locally, but in the meantime,anyone any ideas how to fix this without physically being in the room to check things?


Ignore, as suspected, the monitor had been turned off and wasnt saying hello.