HP Z Remote Boost and multiple receiver resolutions

Whats the trick to get all the various screen resolutions out there in the wild to be friendly with HP Z Remote Boost Senders? If I have a Sender setup with an actual 3840x2160 display but would also love to connect to it via…well…any display resolution, what’s the procedure? In HP documentation, is gives a few examples, but, I’m kinda freaked out to modify an xorg.cong file.

If I have a linux sender that will always have a uhd monitor attached, can anybody point me in the right direction?


Are you trying to get for instance a UHD sender to change its resolution to match a 27" receiver? Or are you just wanting to scale it to fit into 27"?

I’m (naively!) hoping to eventually find a “set it and forget it” config that allows anyone with any size monitor, dare I say even the occasional MacBook Pro or MacBook Air to be able to connect and get something done. Whilst keeping my local 4k monitor attached, of course.

Pipe dream?

they can just set whatever screen size suits them in the Setting → Display of CentOS

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And for Mac or Windows Receivers?

I don’t know, I’d imagine it works the same. That is a setting on the Linux sender, not the receiver.

Hmm. I must be missing something. My Mac Receiver won’t adjust the Sender Resolution to Match the Receiver resolution, which then doesn’t give me the ability to run Windowed/Bordered/Full Screen.

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So I need to add MacBook Pro and MacBook Air resolutions to my Xorg so I can switch to them from my Nvidia-settings after I log in from a “non-standard” resolution?

Our solution was to unplug the Sender monitor and plug in a DisplayPort emulator.
(Like Amazon.com: FUERAN DP - DisplayPort Display Emulator EDID Emulator Plug (fit Headless 2560x1600@60Hz) : Electronics)
Then Receivers (of any OS) can specify any resolution they want.
The downside is anyone at the office has to plug the monitor back in to work, then switch it back when they’re done.


We often switch between an LG Ulta wide and the EIZO I have a home. All on z boost, log onto the machine and launch the Nvidia settings, and change the resolution from there. Been told not to have flame open when doing this.

Not in front of the box so sorry about the vague descriptions, I can send more details tomoz