Can only create 1 to 10 video tracks at a time

Hello forum,

I am trying to add a video track (Track +) but the folowing message is shown:

“TIMELINE can only create 1 to 10 video tracks at a time”

What I am doing wrong (this does not happen in other projects)?


try opening the timeline as a sequence first and then adding additional tracks

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Try entering pressing “1” on your keyboard numeric keypad to open the flame numeric keypad and then pressing the Track+ button while the numeric keypad is still up.

To add to what @PhilippeJ just mentioned, it is possible to add more that one tracks at once by using a value you store in a buffer. You do this by entering a value in the calculator using the numeric keypad on your keyboard and then click the V+, T+, or A+ button. What happened in your case is that you entered a value above 10 in that buffer and the tracks addition doesn’t work.


Thanks to all of you! It does work now and I even know the reason causing the problem :slight_smile: