Can’t Zoom with Wacom?

Weird thing going on, not even sure where to try and lay the blame.

We just updated to Flame 2023.3.2 and I can’t seem to zoom.

Continuous Pan (I just learned these names from keyboard shortcuts) ie Space click works, the color picker works, but Continuous Zoom, ie Control Space click doesn’t work. The key commands change the pointer onscreen to a magnifying glass (which i think I have never noticed before) but when I actually bring the pen down nothing happens. I’m not sure I use a keyboard shortcut more than this, other than possibly undo, so it’s driving me a little crazy. I’m not in front of the machine, I’m remoted in via Remote Boost but that’s never been a problem before.

I feel like I’m on a run of stupid questions lately and I am getting over Covid, but I am pretty sure I still remember how to zoom, also it still works as expected on flame locally on my mac.

Sounds like it could be a “Send First Key” setting that needs to be adjusted on the Receiver side?

Page 25.

Neat thought, but that doesn’t seem to be it.

This is driving me buggy.

Ok, it apparently also isn’t working with our other linux flame so i guess I schedule a support call.

What a silly thing to break.

If the pointer changes, my guess something (possibly in the Wacom settings or OS) has this defined as a hotkey sequence. So the keyboard press never makes it to Flame. You have to figure out which setting is getting the way.

Oh no, the pointer changes in Flame. It turns into a little magnifying glass, just like it turns into a hand when you just hit space bar. So the keyboard presses are making it there, but for some reason when I actually depress the pen on the tablet to register a click it turns it off and I’m back to a yellow cross hair. On the mac locally it stays a magnifying glass while zooming.

Ok, adding a bit of documentation because this turned into a giant pain in the ass so maybe this will remove the pain from someone else’s ass.

So the problem turned out not to be that I couldn’t zoom, but that the control key was not functioning in Remote Boost 20.0.something either once I updated to Sonoma or we moved to Flame 2023.3.2 on Linux. Apologies, they happened at pretty much the same time.

Moving to a more current version of Remote Boost 22.1.1 fixed the control key issue, but introduced about 2-3 seconds of lag between moving the cursor and any results.

The solution ended up being asking HP for the last version of Remote Boost 20, which was 20.4.1, which has returned to me both the control key and no lag.

Hope this helps someone out!