Teradici zoom issue

Hi, i’m working on mac with teradici and flame.

I have serious issue with zoom in and zoom out randomly when I work. It does really often and multiple time without doing anything. I work in flame 2022.3, work with a Wacom Intuos Pro and i’m on Mac OS BigSur on the sender station. I was wondering if anyone have the same problem and what’s the work around to fix it !

I change the keyboard for a Logitech to try to fix it but didn’t.

It’s really annoying and for now i’m very glad there is a home button to downscale.

Thanks everyone.

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Hiya! It’s likely not just a zoom issue. Its likely a “multiple hotkeys don’t work and you just don’t notice yet” issue.

You will need to setup USB Bridge mode in order to have 100% hotkey support over Teradici.

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oh my god thank you so much. i’ll try it and let you know if it’s working !

@Jennyfer You may also want to check to see if your palm isn’t inadvertently touching the little circular touchpad on the tablet itself. It’s usually defaulted to zoom.

Over teradici, I mostly notice zoom in/out speed is much slower than native. I’ve been using Shift + A/F as a workaround.

Is there any chance you have ‘touch’ enabled on your tablet? That has caused this exact issue for me in the past.

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yes it was activated ! i put it on OFF ! hope it fix the problem ! thanks for the tip !