Keyboard shortcuts with CTRL key not working

Hi all,

I Finally found time in between projects to upgrade Mac OS to 11.2.3 from 10.14. Now some keyboard shortcuts that use the CTRL key dont work or dont work as the previously did. I’m using the Flame profile and a 109 key Mac USB Keyboard.

  • Zooming in the display window. I have to click/hold space and then ctrl to zoom. If I hit ctrl first and then space, no go. Same in batch
  • I also can’t use ctrl + click/drag to select points on a gmask in timeline but works fine in batch.

This is happening in both 2022 and 2021.2.1. I’ve created new users, swapped back and forth between different profiles, uninstalled/reinstalled Flame and tried multiple keyboards. I’ve also played with all the various keyboard setup controls in Mac OS. If I remap continuous zoom using another key other than CTRL it works fine.

Any ideas I haven’t tried yet?