Mediahub not showing files -

This is a big problem with me, i always get this message when trying to open disk in mediahub
Scanning “disk” has not yet started. Abort?
Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 20.26.05
I don’t know why it still not working even though the service monitor is all green.
btw i just have only drag and drop files from finder to reel in flame and create batch for my work.

Flame 2023
Macbook pro 2018
Mostly use Hackintosh

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Yup. Permissions.

Same problem here…

Permissions of full disk acces are all enabled.
Sometimes, it works, but very often, it doesn’t work.

Mac / Big Sur

Hello, always this annoying bug !
Sometimes it’s ok and 5 min later, Mediahub stop showing files.
Permissions seem to be ok (full access disk) because it’s working most of the time.

Any solution to get files back in Mediahub ? I restarted Flame, restarted sercvices with service monitor…

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Hello shiver.

When you navigate to a folder and files are not visible, have you tried to refresh the current local (using the contextual menu / Refresh or the R key)?

Hello Stephane, sure.
I changed my Workstation for a M2 Ultra. For the moment, no pb.

This is an expensive workaround but it is always good to have the latest a greatest HW so you can work faster in Flame! Hopefully you use the latest and greatest version of Flame Family products on your mac and get native Apple Silicon and Metal acceleration.