MediaHub doesn't show any directories

Anyone else running into MediaHub just not seeing any directories of any volumes ?

not here.

flame version?

iffs 2024.2.1 and 2024.2.2. Mac OS 14.5

admin user?
non privileged user?
guest user?
any permissions issues on the drives?
open a terminal and type:

ls -al /Volumes

Turns out to be “gatewayEventHandler” issue according to th syslog. Odd that a simple reboot didn’t reset the gateway.

Did your network connections get changed recently?
WiFi or Thunderbolt/USB/Ethernet connection?

Not at all. Every once in a while if I launch Quicktime and leave Flame up in the bg, when I return to flame this used to happen. It hasn’t happened in a while and even a full shutdown didn’t fix it.

Perhaps it might be worth killing the older version of flame and upgrade all projects if necessary?

From your mouth to God’s ears. Some clients are still on 2024.2.1 and If can’t take setups from later versions.

Copy that.
Could be related to your gateway issues if there is an incompatible version of wiretap…