Cannot Complete the Export: Flame 2022.0.1

Hey guys!

Recently upgraded to 2022.0.1 on a Linux box

When exporting, I’ll sometimes get hit with this “Cannot Complete the Export” window (image attached).

Seems like the fix should just entail selecting all the clips in a given sequence, hitting render, and exporting again, but this does not remedy the issue at all.

Even more curious, this has happened on sequences where the entire content of the timeline is just an imported QuickTime (no resizes being applied in the TL FX), and the only thing in need of rendering is a text setup on the slate (which was definitely rendered).

I can hit “Restart” on the dialogue box endlessly, and the error message simple disappears and reappears. Once I hit “Cancel”, I get a second error of “Cannot Export Clip” (also attached below).

The only way around it is to hard commit the top layer of the timeline. The work around is fine, but I shouldn’t have to do it.

This happens on some sequences, but not others. With seemingly no rhyme or reason behind it.

Any recommendations or advice? Thanks hive!