HELP: Cannot export from Flame -- "Cannot access frame..."

I’m of course in delivery, and I cannot export from Flame. I get an error message, “Cannot export clip. Cannot access frame 949: Unrendered frame: track 0 socket Result.”

I’ve hard committed it to it’s own 1 layer rendered track. I’ve tried foreground and background exporting. I’ve tried going to different drives – nada.

Any ideas??

I feel for you @GPM

Any reboots in your attempts so far? I can’t go past a reboot or even restarting my components in the Service Monitor

Yeah I rebooted and stuff. Turns out it was something with BFX. I had my batch renders on the bottom layer, then one simple BFX for a vignette on a gap fx layer above it. When I moved the BFX from the gap layer to directly in the bottom layer segment, it exported fine. Weird…